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1st November 06 2017

First Grade 2nd Quarter

There will be lots of learning going on during the 2nd quarter.

Reading: Students will sequence events, write summaries, make inferences, predications, connections, identify the main idea with support, and author's purpose.

Writing: Students will use the writing process to write an opinion paper, personal narrative, and an informative paragraph.

Math: Students will identify and work with two-dimensional shapes and subtract numbers.

Religion: We will explore the Creation story, Baptism, the Birth of Jesus, and how God made us Good and Holy.  Students will learn the Glory Be and Angel of God prayers.

Science: We will study the life cycle of humans and botany.

1st October 19 2017 Homeroom

Weekly Newsletter

October 16, 2017

1st August 27 2017


We had a successful first full week of school! It has been wonderful getting to know your children.  This quarter your child will learn what seating style works best for them and how to become an independent, responsible member of our classroom, school and society.