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Pre-K November 18 2017

Pre-K 4 Newsletter November 21, 2017


The children had a fun week preparing for our Thanksgiving party with Kindergartern Tuesday.  They are so proud of their vest, headbands and necklaces.  I can't wait or you to see the.  It would be very cute if the girls wore braids or pulled their hair back.  Don't worry if it doesn't work.

We reviewed letters & numbers this week. The children are starting to identifying Capital/Lowercase letters at a faster pace. Keep working with your child, it is definitely showing in their work.

Blessing for a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I thank God everyday for the beautiful children and families He has given to me this year.  

Ms. Bonnie

Pre-K November 11 2017

Newsletter: Pre-K 4 November 14, 2017


I was excited to hear that the children were ready to come back to school.  They settled right back into routine and eager to learn about Ms. K, number 8, color brown and diamond shape.  

Thursday, they had fun going out side and collecting leaves and coming back inside and looking at them through a magnify glass. Our Clifford magazine also talked about leaves. We are starting to learn the formation of our letters and numbers. I will send home a copy of the correct way to write the letter and numbers.  


November 21st:  Pre-K & Kindergarten will have Thanksgiving lunch together.  Pre-K will be dressed as Native Americans and Kindergarten will be dressed t like Pilgrims.         

November 22nd - November 27th:  Thanksgiving


December 7th:  Breakfast with Santa (7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

December 14th:  Christmas Program "Charlie and the Cheub Cheerleader" @ 7:00 pm Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4 will perform before the play

December 19th:  Pre-K & 8th Grade Special Mass @ 7:45 a.m. "Dressing the Manger"  Please try and attend Mass that day.

                            Christmas Party @ 9:00 a.m. Dismissal:  Pre-K @ 11:40 

December 20th: - January 2nd:  Christmas Break

January 3rd:         Classes Resume


Tuesday:  Kyle

Wednesday:  Happy Birthay Ms. Bonnie

Thursday:  Happy Birthday Lily


Theme:  Everybody Has Talents

This Sunday’s Gospel: Matthew 25:14–30

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells a pointed story about three servants. Their master entrusts them with varying amounts of money. Two of the servants double their money, but fear gets
in the way of the third servant. All he can do is preserve what he has. The challenge for all of
us is to recognize the gifts we have been given and our responsibility to care for those gifts. That means caring for the world we live in and caring for one another. It also means having the courage to be our best selves.

Exploring the Gospel Message

Seeds (Preschool): Help your child recognize his or her special talents. Encourage your child to use these gifts and share them with others. Spend some time having family members make pictures of themselves using one of their gifts— reading, playing sports, cooking, gardening, playing, or caring for another. Post the pi 

Seeds Activity Book  pg. 17

*Thanksgiving Activities will be incorpated into all subject areas:


Letter;  H

Shape: Rectangle

Number: 3


Pre-K October 27 2017

Pre-K 4 Newsletter November 7, 2017


I am sending this newsletter early because I will be out of town next week and will not be back until November 6th.  I hope you are enjoying your time with your son/daughter.  I am sure they shared all the fun they had with their buddy at the Halloween Party.  Once agan the 8th grade were so good with them and Pre-K was having so much fun being with them.

Upcoming Events:

November 7th:  Classes Resume

November 22nd - November 27th:  Thanksgiving Break

November 28th:  Classes Resume

SNACK:  Please send a morning and afternoon snack for 23 students

Tuesday:  Daelynn

Wednesday:  Olivia

Thursday:  Magdalene


THEME:We Want To Be Ready fo God At All the Times

Seeds Activity Book: page 6

This Sunday’s Gospel: Matthew 25:1–13

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus uses the parable of the bridegroom and 10 girls to tell his disciples to remain vigilant. The parable describes some of the girls as foolish and some as wise. Those who were ready for the bridegroom went into the wedding feast. The bridegroom, however, didn’t even acknowledge those who didn’t prepare. Jesus teaches us to always be prepared and to do good things. We never know when he will return. This is an opportune time to recognize that when we make good choices, we are preparing for Jesus’ coming.

Exploring the Gospel Message

Seeds (Preschool): Ask your child to explain “Anaya’s Bad Day” and, especially, how
the story ends. Make a list with your child about the things that Anaya missed out on because she wasn’t ready. Discuss ways that you get prepared for something, especially what footwear might be necessary for various activities. 


Theme;  We're Kind

Letter Person:  Ms. Kk

Book:  Acoss the Stream

Big Book:  Ms. K's Kitchen

Color:  Brown

MATH                                                                                         HANDWRITING WITHOUT  TEARS                            

Number:  8 (review 1-7)                                                          Introduce:  Correct formation Letter F & 2                        

November Calendar                                                                                                                                                      

Pattern:  ABAB                                                                                                                                                                                 

Shape:  Diamond                                                                                                                                                                             magnifying glass


Clifford My Big World

Theme:  Leaves

Science:  Take a walk outside and collect leaves, look at them through a magnifying glass discuss what they see