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Kindergarten September 10 2017 Homeroom


Thursday, Sept. 14  Deer Run children's librarian here for a story time

Wednesday, Sept 20  PreK and K field trip to Centennial Farms in Augusta MO

Kindergarten August 18 2017 Homeroom


What a GREAT start we have had in kindergarten!  I wanted to email individual parents to tell how amazing their children have done the first few days, but realized I would have to send 28 individual emails because EVERYONE has done amazing!  So I will say it here.... Honestly, all the children have really, really had a great start.  From their smiles to the beginnings of learning our routines, they are responding so well!  We will keep working hard!


A few important bits of info I want to pass on:

  • Please read the email that Mrs. Kaimann sent today regarding the eclipse viewing for kindergarten through second grade students.  After much discussion we have decided to keep the children inside during the eclipse totality.  We feel this is best for their safety.  We will watch a live streaming of the eclipse indoors.  Please note:  if you would like your child to view the eclipse, you need to be present.  
  • Please send your child's purple take home back to school each day.  That is the method that notes and papers will come home in AND your way of sending items in. Empty the folder each day.  
  • The children brought their sleep bags home today.  Please wash the items and return the sleep bag on Monday for rest time.  If your child has a blanket and a towel, please keep one of those items at home.  It is only necessary to have one cover, whichever they prefer.  The sleep bags were quite bulky getting out the door today!
  • We will have an assembly on Friday called NED:  An Antibullying Program

Thank you to all parents who have sent in items from the Giving Tree.  Those things are so helpful to our class!  Some of you took a play dough, so I have included a recipe at the end of this post.  We will be using the play dough in a literacy center that will help us with letters and letter sounds.  It's also great for fine motor development and who doesn't love to play with play dough?smiley


As I communicated with you previously, we are starting our lessons slowly as we get to know our friends and classroom.  This is what our week looks like in a snapshot:


We will meet our Faithful Friends that will lead us through our religion book.  Our first lesson is about Jesus' love for us.  We will begin going to Mass with our 7th grade buddies next week, on Wednesday, 8/30.  Kindergarten will only go to Mass on Wednesdays, unless there is a Holy Day or other special Mass planned.

Reading and Phonics:

Will will begin phonics with the letter L.  We will read many stories with the letter L.


We will begin to use our calendar binders to follow along with our Calendar Math.  We will use the calendar to practice many math skills each day.  


The eclipse, of course!


Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy your children and love them like the dickens because they sure grow up fast!  Just as you may have had a tear the first day of kindergarten, I also have some tears this weekend as my oldest son leaves for college!  God bless you!

Kindergarten May 20 2017 Homeroom

Graduation Day


Students should come to the classroom with caps and gowns on and church clothes on underneath. Girls please wear your hair down with no bows, clips, or headbands. DO NOT bring anything to school with you. Students should arrive no later than 7:30. Every family has their own marked pew at church. Please look for your name at the end of the pew. Kindergarten students will process in at the beginning of Mass and will need to sit on the aisle end of the pew. The teachers will walk the kindergarten class over to church.

Siblings can sit with your family at church but please have them check in with their homeroom teacher first. We will celebrate Mass first. After Mass is over, the kindergarten class has two special graduation songs to sing and will then receive diplomas. After receiving diplomas, kindergarten students and their families are invited to come to the school gym for cake and refreshments. After the reception, siblings are expected to return to their homeroom class and kindergarten students are done for the school year.

Kindergarten May 14 2017 Homeroom

Week of May 15

Can you believe this is the last full week of school for kindergarten?!

Tuesday May 16- Kindergarten Graduation Pictures. Please have students arrive in their graduation cap and gown with uniform on underneath. Please make sure that girls wear their hair down with no clips, headbands, or bows.

Friday May 19- FIELD DAY, 12:00 dismissal. Students may wear comfy, work out type clothes. Students must wear tennis shoes. Students do not need to bring anything to school with them.


We will learn about the Ten Commandments and attend adoration on Thursday.


We will work with words that contain the spelling ee in them such as tree, bee, sheep, and jeep. We will practice substituting the initial sound in words to make a new word. Students will get one more decodable reader called Three Rich Sheep.


Students will reflect on their favorite kindergarten memories.


We will work with addition facts and review math concepts from the year.


We will explore the forces of magnetism and wind.


The rest of the class will take the Foundational Skills Phonics Test.

Kindergarten May 06 2017 Homeroom

Week of May 8

Kindergarten graduation pictures will be the morning of May 16. Students should come to school dressed in cap and gowns with their uniform on underneath.


We will focus on talking about Mary as our Mother.


We will continue to work with words that follow the long vowel, followed by a consonant, followed by a silent e rule. We will also work with words containing the digraph ch. Popcorn words: come, every, many


We will write about our mothers this week and learn about verbs.


We will continue to work with writing and reading time. We will also return to addition with sums greater than 10.


We are exploring a science unit about forces. Last week we worked with pushing and pulling objects. This week we will explore how round objects and objects with wheels require less force to move and we will explore the force of Earth's gravity.


Students will take the Scholastic Reading Inventory Foundational Skills test.

Kindergarten April 29 2017 Homeroom

Week of May 1st

Wednesday May 3rd is May Crowning Mass

Friday May 5th- ACA envelopes are due Friday and Friday is Spirit Day, 12:00 dismissal


We will focus on the Gospel story of Jesus observing the widow giving away her two coins. We will tie in the virtue of generosity with the Annual Catholic Appeal.


We will learn the "sneaky e" or silent e rule for words. A vowel followed by a consonant and silent e makes a long vowel sound as in cake. We will focus on making and reading words that follow this rule. Popcorn words for the week: white, our, new


Students will write their narrative stories this week. Last week students used an outline to help them develop a beginning, middle, and end for their story.


This week we are learning how to read time on analog and digital clocks and reading time to the hour.


We will start a new unit about forces of motion. We will start with learning about the force of push and pull by observing and exploring these forces on the movement of objects.


Students will type in their address on Google maps and look at their house.

Kindergarten April 20 2017 Homeroom

Week of April 24


Tuesday, April 25 Students may bring $1 and dress down in Cardinal Red. Ice cream will be sold at lunch for an additional dollar

Please work with your child this week on knowing their address (house number, street name, city and state)


We will be celebrating Easter and Jesus' Resurrection.


We will learn about the digraph oo and learn the two sounds that oo can make in words such as the sound in hook and the sound in tooth. We will review words with digraph th in the initial and final sound in words. Students will get a new decodable reader called "Look Who Can Cook" and we will review ending punctuation (period, question mark, exclamation mark) You can point out these ending punctuation marks when you read at home as well. Popcorn words: they, look, who


Students will use a quick sketch and quick note outline to plan a narrative writing piece. Students will be introduced to words that represent nouns. A noun is a word that names a person, animal, place, or thing.


We will continue to count by 5's. Students will be introduced to fractional parts of whole and halves.


Students will learn the characteristics of what makes things living or non-living. Students will identify living and non-living things outside the school and inside the school.

Kindergarten April 08 2017 Homeroom

Week of April 10

April 13- Holy Thursday, Noon dismissal. There will be aftercare

April 14- Good Friday, No School

April 17-21 Spring Break


We will learn about Holy Week and learn about the special parts of the Mass for Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday. We will attend Stations of the Cross on Monday at 8:30.


This week we will work with words with digraph th and learn the sound of th. We will sort words with digraph ck, sh, and th.


Last week, we thought of reasons for why winter or spring is the better season. This week students will choose a position and write an opinion piece on which season is better and why. Students will use the steps of the writing process by starting with an outline, writing a draft, edit, revise, and share their final piece.


We will continue to count by 5's and count nickels.


We will look at the photographs we took on our nature walk and describe the plants we saw around the school. Students will make another scientific drawing of their sunflower plant and compare how it has grown and changed during the course of a week. Students will bring their sunflower plant home on Thursday.



Kindergarten April 01 2017 Homeroom

Week of April 3

Please return money for kindergarten cap and gown by Wednesday April 5.


Students will attend Stations of the Cross on Monday and adoration on Thursday. Students will be learning about the Stations of the Cross through stories, games, and dramatic play.


Last week, students worked with words ending in digraph ck. This week students will work with words that have digraph sh, which can be at the beginning or end of words. Students will also practice omitting the initial sound in words, thinking of rhyming words, adding long vowel sounds to consonants, and recognizing words with ck and sh. We will work with the decodable reader called Will She Tell? Students have new popcorn words for the week and we will review the sight word when, which will be in the decodable reader.


For the next two weeks, students will work on opinion writing. A topic will be picked on giving an opinion about two different things. As a class, we will brainstorm ideas for key/star ideas for both positions. We will review the Traffic Light colors that are used for opinion writing. Green means go by starting with your topic sentence. Yellow means slow down and state your reason for your opinion. Red means stop and explain or elaborate. I will also introduce pronouns this week and how they are used in sentences to take the place of people's names.


Students are doing a great job counting money! We will continue to work with dimes at the beginning of the week. Students will be introduced to counting by 5's and the nickel.


Last week, each student planted a sunflower seed in a cup of soil. We have a grow light set up in the classroom so students can observe the growth of their seed. Students will take care of their plants by watering them. Students will observe their seeds throughout the week and make a scientific drawing of what they observe and notice. We will also observe the different types of plants around the school.


Kindergarten March 25 2017 Homeroom

Week of March 27th

Friday, March 31st is Grandparents Day!  Students will not need to bring anything to school with them other than a jacket or coat if needed. Friday will be a regular school uniform day.  12:00 dismissal on Friday


The theme for the week is The Holy Spirit is Our Helper and thinking about how the Holy Spirit can help us make good choices and live as a friend of Jesus. K-5 will attend Stations of the Cross on Monday morning at 8:30.


This week in phonics we will be working with the digraph ck at the end of words. A digraph is two letters that come together to make one sound. We will learn that ck comes at the end of words after a short vowel as in black, duck, and lock. Children will code digraphs by underlining them. During the week, students will work with sounds by taking away the initial sound and making a new word and identify the vowel sound in words. Students now know three ways to spell the /k/ sound which is letter k, letter c, and digraph ck. Popcorn words for the week are: little, over, some


Last week, students enjoyed listening to a chapter book called March Mischief, a mystery about three leprechaun statues that are stolen in a town. They also listened to several examples of poems. This week they will hear a variety of books about seeds and spring.


Students will work on writing their own poem about their grandparents.


We will review counting pennies on Monday. On Tuesday students will be introduced to dimes and observe what is on the heads and tails of dimes. Students will practice counting dime amounts and writing the amounts.


Last week students learned the parts of plants such as roots, leaves, stems, and flowers. They learned that the roots help take in water for the plant and keep it anchored in the ground. Students learned that plants need light, water, and air to survive. They also observed and compared sunflower and marigold seeds. This week students will plant sunflower seeds and we will observe their growth thanks to Mrs. Neal and the use of her grow light.


Students will go to and start basic coding activities where they pick directional arrows to move an object to another object and drag puzzle pieces in order to put them back together.