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Kindergarten January 14 2018 Homeroom

Learning in the Third Quarter!

My, how we have grown!  

Here's a snapshot of the learning that takes place in the Third Quarter:


We learn that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  He cares for us as a shepherd cares for his sheep.  We also learn how we care for others through our words and actions.  This quarter also marks an important part of the liturgical year, Lent.  We will prepare ourselves for Easter in many Lenten activities.  

Phonics and Reading~

We continue to explore all letters and letter sounds.  We will code many CVC words, introducing the short a sound.  We will explore the author's purpose as we read and continue our knowledge of the characters and setting of a story.


We continue to compose and decompose numbers 2-10, which prepares us for addition and subtraction.  We will begin a unit on measurement.  We will compare length, height, weight, and capacity.


We continue to observe characteristics of objects by exploring mixtures and liquids.  We will also begin to explore the forces that move objects.  Lots of hands-on learning!

Kindergarten November 04 2017 Homeroom


​Important dates:

  • Veterans’ Day Mass, 11/8
  • Thanksgiving break, 11/22-11/24

Thank you to all parents for attending parent/teacher conferences!  I had 100% participation!  I appreciate the time you spent discussing your child's progress!

Kindergarten September 10 2017 Homeroom


Thursday, Sept. 14  Deer Run children's librarian here for a story time

Wednesday, Sept 20  PreK and K field trip to Centennial Farms in Augusta MO

Kindergarten August 18 2017 Homeroom


What a GREAT start we have had in kindergarten!  I wanted to email individual parents to tell how amazing their children have done the first few days, but realized I would have to send 28 individual emails because EVERYONE has done amazing!  So I will say it here.... Honestly, all the children have really, really had a great start.  From their smiles to the beginnings of learning our routines, they are responding so well!  We will keep working hard!


A few important bits of info I want to pass on:

  • Please read the email that Mrs. Kaimann sent today regarding the eclipse viewing for kindergarten through second grade students.  After much discussion we have decided to keep the children inside during the eclipse totality.  We feel this is best for their safety.  We will watch a live streaming of the eclipse indoors.  Please note:  if you would like your child to view the eclipse, you need to be present.  
  • Please send your child's purple take home back to school each day.  That is the method that notes and papers will come home in AND your way of sending items in. Empty the folder each day.  
  • The children brought their sleep bags home today.  Please wash the items and return the sleep bag on Monday for rest time.  If your child has a blanket and a towel, please keep one of those items at home.  It is only necessary to have one cover, whichever they prefer.  The sleep bags were quite bulky getting out the door today!
  • We will have an assembly on Friday called NED:  An Antibullying Program

Thank you to all parents who have sent in items from the Giving Tree.  Those things are so helpful to our class!  Some of you took a play dough, so I have included a recipe at the end of this post.  We will be using the play dough in a literacy center that will help us with letters and letter sounds.  It's also great for fine motor development and who doesn't love to play with play dough?smiley


As I communicated with you previously, we are starting our lessons slowly as we get to know our friends and classroom.  This is what our week looks like in a snapshot:


We will meet our Faithful Friends that will lead us through our religion book.  Our first lesson is about Jesus' love for us.  We will begin going to Mass with our 7th grade buddies next week, on Wednesday, 8/30.  Kindergarten will only go to Mass on Wednesdays, unless there is a Holy Day or other special Mass planned.

Reading and Phonics:

Will will begin phonics with the letter L.  We will read many stories with the letter L.


We will begin to use our calendar binders to follow along with our Calendar Math.  We will use the calendar to practice many math skills each day.  


The eclipse, of course!


Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy your children and love them like the dickens because they sure grow up fast!  Just as you may have had a tear the first day of kindergarten, I also have some tears this weekend as my oldest son leaves for college!  God bless you!