While attending the St. Paul Preschool program each child will be introduced to:



  • Learning the sign of the cross

  • Learning basic prayers

  • Reciting daily prayers: morning and before snack/meals

  • Introducing Bible stories

  • Attending special masses


Language Arts/Literacy

  • Alphabet Knowledge: uppercase, lowercase, and beginning sounds

  • Recognizing first and last name in print

  • Spelling first name: first with, then without a model

  • Left to Right progression

  • Parts of a book: front, back, title, author, illustrator

  • Sequencing and story retell

  • Making predictions

  • Making connections to stories read

  • Basic sight words

  • Nursery Rhymes

  • Participating in group discussion



  • Basic shapes

  • Colors

  • Counting 1-20

  • Number recognition 1-10

  • One to one correspondence

  • Calendar

  • Sorting

  • Matching

  • Problem Solving

  • Positional Words

  • Comparisons: (more/less, bigger/smaller, etc)


Fine Motor

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Cutting practice: proper scissor holding skills

  • Puzzles

  • Fine motor manipulatives

  • Tracing

  • Correct pencil grasp

  • Scribbling, writing, drawing, coloring


Gross Motor

  • Dancing, songs with movement

  • Climbing stairs

  • Running, skipping, hopping, galloping



  • Weather

  • Seasons

  • Basic STEM activities

  • Life Cycles

  • Health and Safety

  • Cause and effect


Social Studies

  • Holidays

  • Community Helpers


Art/Sensory exploration

  • Process art activities

  • Introduction to art mediums: paint, crayons, markers, oil pastels, etc.

  • Sensory Exploration: play doh, shaving cream, etc.


Social/Emotional Development: All children will be encouraged to

  • Express feelings appropriately

  • Participate in positive conflict resolution

  • Increase problem solving skills

  • Respect school environment by taking care of school and classroom materials

  • Utilize self help/personal care skills