Scholarship Offerings

Archdiocesan Scholarships

The Archdiocese of St. Louis offers scholarships to families that qualify due to financial need. These scholarships help offset the St. Paul tuition.  The application and more information on these scholarships can be found at

  • Beyond Sunday
  • Alive In Christ
  • Catholic Family Tuition Assistance
  • Parish Employee Endowment Fund


Click here for Beyond Sunday Elementary Scholarship Guidelines

Click here for the 2016-2017 Beyond Sunday Scholarship Statistics



St. Paul Parish Scholarships

St. Paul Parish has funds set aside to assist families in need of tuition assistance.  All families who wish to be considered for Parish Tuition Assistance must first submit the application for the Alive in Christ, Beyond Sunday and Catholic Family Tuition Assistance programs and will need to complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment available at      

Tuition Referral Program

St. Paul School offers $500 off of your tuition for every new family you refer to our school.  Details of the referral discount are available at either the school or parish office.  Click here for more information.

Scholarships That Apply to our 8th Grade Graduating Students Attending a Catholic High School

Each year past generations and individual parishioners or faculty members have offered scholarships to our 8th grade students. St. Paul is very grateful for the opportunity given to our young men and women graduates who receive these awards. Many of these awards require an essay to be written. The essays ask the student to describe their faith life, respond to a question and inform us of their character. The essays are then voted on by the giver of the award or by staff members collaborating on behalf of a giver who is now being memorialized.

The following scholarships are awarded yearly to a member of the 8th grade student body. These funds are paid directly to the recipient's high school:


Mackenzie Woebling  Mr. and Mrs. Don and. Sharon Woebling Mackenzie Woebling (Mr and Mrs. Woebling's Grandaughter and former student)
Mary Christine Towey  Deacon Marty and Mrs. Carole Towey Deacon Marty and Mrs. Towey's daughter
Monsignor Bernard Boessen St. Paul School Monsignor Boessen
Monsignor John Hickel St. Paul Parish Monsignor Hickel
St. Paul Parish Award St. Paul Parish Students of St. Paul
St. Paul Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus Patty Vogelgesang Memorial